Frank Springer & Associates, Inc.'s engineering and environmental projects are supported by a fully-equipped GIS and GPS Department, offering data collection and analysis, and digital mapping services.  Frank Springer & Associates, Inc. can help your organization establish a new GIS, develop customized spatial data sets, and provide assistance with your ongoing mapping projects.

GIS services offered include:

Engineering Support

GIS technology provides tools for creating, managing, analyzing, and visualizing the data associated with developing and managing infrastructure. GIS facilitates the management and sharing of data by civil engineers and project managers. GIS information can be turned into easily understood reports and visualizations that can be analyzed and communicated to others.


Built on a database rather than individual project files, GIS enables civil engineers to easily analyze, share, manage, and reuse data, while saving time and resources. 


GIS services provided to civil engineering clients  can include:

  • Transportation mapping & analysis (geographic distribution of transportation routes and facilities)

  • Infrastructure Mapping and Analysis

  • Cadastral data analysis, creation, and management (legal boundaries, parcels, easements)

  • Data conversion (CAD to GIS or GIS to CAD)

Environmental Project and Regulatory Support

GIS provides tools that assist in the assessment, analysis, and display of spatial information and environmental data. Regulatory agencies now expect professionally made maps and calculations, made to scale with professional software to be integrated into reports and other required documentation.

Analysis of the environment with a GIS  may reveal trends, patterns, and relationships that were not  evident without the visualization of data.

Frank Springer & Associates, Inc. can assist those in the environmental planning and specialist fields such as biology, geology, and archaeology with the assessment, analysis, and display of spatial information.  


GIS services provided to these environmental professionals  can include:


  • GIS database design, development, and management

  • Spatial data analysis

  • Spatial data integration and cartographic services (preparation of maps and report figures)

  • Land use planning and mapping

GIS mapping
ArcGIS software
Aerial image
3-D surfaces
GIS Layers
Parcel Maps
Parcel Boundries Overlaying Aerial
Report Figure
General Location Map

Other GIS Services Offered

  • Native American environmental program support

  • Community Mapping & Analysis (demographic, social, political and economic patterns)

  • On-site GPS data collection

  • Litigation support / exhibit preparation

  • GIS needs and requirements assessments

  • GIS modeling and analysis

  • GIS system design and implementation (hardware, software, data, installation)

  • GIS data migration

  • Spatial database design and development